Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towel (1 Roll)
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Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towel (1 Roll)

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Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towels are strong paper towels lift & trap mess on surfaces throughout your home such as: granite, stainless steel, glass, tile and wood. Two sponge-like absorbent layers and Texture-Weave help you maintain an exceptional clean every day, while glass and mirrors stay lint-free. Uniquely cloth-like and versatile to help you achieve an exceptional clean on all surfaces.
  • Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towels trap mess 2X better when wet
  • Texture-Weave and two sponge-like absorbent layers
  • Strong, absorbent, and versatile for cleanups throughout your home
  • Remove dirt
  • Scrub grime

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