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Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper, 12 Mega Rolls, 244 Sheets Per Roll

Charmin Ultra Soft is our softest toilet paper ever so it is harder than ever to resist! It is 2X more absorbent versus the leading bargain brand. When you buy Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll toilet paper you get a big, long-lasting roll because one Charmin Mega Roll equals 4 Regular Rolls. Also, Charmin Ultra Soft bath tissue is 2-ply and septic-safe. We all go to the bathroom, those who go with Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper.

  • Bathroom Tissue
  • 12 Mega = 48 Regular
  • 1 Mega – 4 Regular Rolls
  • based on number of sheets in Charmin Regular Roll
  • Roto-Rooter Approved
  • Our Softest and Most Absorbent
  • Unscented

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