Clamato Original Tomato Cocktail, 64 Oz
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Clamato Original Tomato Cocktail, 64 Oz

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Spice up your favorite drinks and dishes with the zesty taste of Clamato, an authentic, invigorating blend flavored with tomato juice and spices. Clamato Original is the perfect base to create your own customized Michelada. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing juice alternative or want to share the great taste with company, Clamato is the perfect drink for any occasion.

  • Great with beer or as a cocktail mixer with vodka and other spirits
  • Add the hearty, delicious flavor to hot dishes like Pasta Primavera and Shrimp Sauté or cold dishes like Ceviche
  • Can also use it in marinades perfect for grilling seafood, meat, and chicken

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