Terra Delyssa Olive Oil Pure Tunisia
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Terra Delyssa Olive Oil Pure Tunisia

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Terra Delyssa is a 100 percent Tunisian olive oil with a delicate flavor for everyday cooking. Its flavor profile is slightly fruity with hints of olive aroma that do not overpower other foods. This makes Terra Delyssa well-suited for all dishes, including as a salad dressing as well as for cooking, dipping, grilling, baking, and drizzling over fish or steamed vegetables

Terra Delyssa is a single-origin olive oil, meaning it is made with 100 percent Tunisian olives. The olives are harvested, crushed and packaged by the producers who raise the olive fruit. Terra Delyssa offers full traceability; guaranteed, consistent quality; and the highest quality control over the full production process.

Terra Delyssa olives are all harvested by hand and crushed within 24 hours of harvest — most of the time, within five hours of harvest — guaranteeing a fresh aroma and a lower acidity level. And, Terra Delyssa orchards are cared for without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

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