Tarn X Tarnish Remover, 12 fl oz (360 ml)
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Tarn X Tarnish Remover, 12 fl oz (360 ml)

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Bring back the shimmer and shine of your favorite precious metals with the original Tarn-X Tarnish Remover.Tarn-X is the original ”wipe & rinse” tarnish remover specifically formulated for sterling silver, silver plates, platinum, copper, gold and diamonds. With no rubbing and scrubbing, Tarn-X Lets you enjoy the beauty of your precious metals all year and is safe to use on your finest metals. Always spot test in an inconspicuous area first. Do Not Use on stainless steel, chrome, pewter, aluminum, brass, zinc, marble, artificially oxidized silver, knife blades, lacquered surfaces, pearls, opals or any porous stones. For industrial uses, Tarn X can be purchased in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers.Tarn-X Household Tarnish Remover, 12 Oz Pourable BottleEliminates tarnish from metals and diamonds without scrubbing.Wipe-and-rinse formula quickly and safely cleans without damageShould not be used on poorly plated silver, silver that is scratched, or any items that are not in good condition.Remove tarnish from silver, silver plate, platinum, copper, gold, and diamondsApply on valuables using a cotton ball or soft cloth, wipe, and rinse immediately with cold water to return metals and diamonds to their original shineSmaller items, such as sterling silver jewelry, can be dipped in the solution for cleaningManufactured by the makers of CLR, a trusted brand in cleaningPolish silver platters, silver coffee and tea service sets, silver plated silverware, silver serving pieces and decorative silver piecesPerfect for silver on display or in storageGetting your silver serving pieces clean in a fraction of the time – just wipe and rinsePolishing and cleaning your best silver for the holidaysWOMEN OWNED – Certified WBENC, Women’s Business EnterpriserVisit CLRbrands.com for cleaning tips and uses of CLR Cleaning Solutions.

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