Soco Tahini Paste & Dates, 13.4 Oz

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  • Delicious Tahini in a Jar – Created by die-hard tahini lovers, our Tahini & Dates Paste is stone-ground to perfection to deliver unique, mouthwatering flavors. It’s a naturally sweet combination of the finest Ethiopian sesame seeds and dates.
  • Satisfies Your Taste Buds – This tahini paste for hummus creates a sweet, creamy, and irresistible taste that’s excellent for recipes. Savor great-tasting meals by adding a scoop to your instant hummus, tahini & dates lunchbox, and vegan tahini crust.
  • Nutrient-Dense Superfood Sesame Tahini – Compared to other spreads or PB&J alternatives, SoCo Whole Foods Tahini is rich in iron, calcium, and plant-based protein. Our slow-roasting technique helps retain the key nutrients found in sesame seeds.
  • Can Be Enjoyed in Multiple Ways – The possibilities are endless with this tasty, hearty sesame paste. Indulge your palate and use it as a tahini dressing, ice cream drizzle, seasoned tahini ingredient for cookies, and flavoring for coffee tahini shakes.
  • A Culinary Wonder You Can Trust – SoCo Tahini Spice Paste follows a proprietary blend passed down for over 5 generations. Unlike other tahini products, it uses pure Humera sesame seeds with no added sugar. It’s gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher-verified.

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