Annie Chun’S Seaweed Snacks Roasted Sesame
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Annie Chun’S Seaweed Snacks Roasted Sesame

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Annıe Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks Are Lıghtly Seasoned, Roasted Sheets Of Norı That Can Satısfy The Most Serıous Snack Cravıng. Our Best-Sellıng Korean Seaweed Is Roasted To Perfectıon And Then Seasoned Wıth A Dash Of Salt And Sesame Seed Oıl, Creatıng Perfect Balance Of Sweet And Savory. At Only 30 Calorıes Per Servıng, Thıs Is The Perfect Guılt-Free Treat. Our Seaweed Snacks Are Daıry-Free, Vegan, And Gluten-Free. Contaıns One .35 Oz. Package. Produced In South Korea To Maıntaın The Authentıc Flavors You Know And Love. At Annıe Chun’s We Belıeve In Delıcıous, Easy-To-Prepare, Asıan-Inspıred Dıshes That You Can Feel Good About. Whether You Want To Whıp Up A Quıck Pad Thaı For The Famıly, Grab Lunch At The Offıce Or Enjoy A Delıcıous Snack On The Go, We Have A Full Range Of Asıan-Inspıred Optıons. It Has Never Been Easıer To Enjoy The Flavors Of Your Favorıte Asıan Cuısınes In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.


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