Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit
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Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

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The Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit includes all the essentials for using and caring for your cast iron cookware. This kit includes 6 oz. seasoning spray, pan scraper, silicone handle holder and scrub brush. Seasoning spray is 100% pure Canola oil no additives or propellants and it has an adjustable spray setting. The aluminum can is recyclable. Pan Scraper is made of rigid, easy to clean polycarbonate Pan Scraper does not collect food particles Pan scraper features assorted angles to get into all nooks and crannies Pan Scraper and silicone handle holder are dishwasher safe Silicone Handle Holder protects hands from heat up to 500 Degrees F The Scrub Brush features a plastic head and stiff nylon bristles to preserve

your cookware?s finish Seasoning Spray protects cookware and enhances finish.

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