RezFree Plus Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Soil Enhancement & Plant Growth, 250 ml
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RezFree Plus Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Soil Enhancement & Plant Growth, 250 ml

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RezFree Plus is a revolutionary next-generation product that has been specifically designed to provide plants with everything they need to thrive. This miraculous product is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to grow healthy, vibrant plants without the hassle of traditional gardening methods.

At its core, RezFree Plus is a cutting-edge nutrient solution that is specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of different types of plants. It contains a blend of enzymes, peptides, amino acids, oligosaccharides, and other organic matter..

Unlike traditional fertilizers, RezFree Plus is completely free of harmful chemicals and toxins that can damage plants and harm the environment. This innovative product uses only natural and sustainable ingredients to support healthy plant growth, ensuring that your plants stay strong and healthy.

Another unique feature of RezFree Plus is its ability to promote healthy root growth. The product contains natural growth hormones that stimulate root growth and increase plant vigor. This helps plants to better absorb water and nutrients, leading to faster growth and higher yields.

Get the best results for your soil with our high-quality liquid organic fertilizer. Our fertilizer is specially designed to improve soil health and promote root growth.

Overall, RezFree Plus is a true game-changer for anyone who wants to grow healthy, vibrant plants with minimal effort. With its cutting-edge formula and advanced features, this miraculous product has everything plants need to thrive and flourish. So why wait? Start using RezFree Plus today and see the amazing results for yourself! USAGE: Add 2 caps of RezFree Plus Plus for every 1 gallon of water, at least once each week, and irrigate your plants as usual.

Product Details
Pet-friendly, certified organic, next-gen solution to make your garden look great.

Suitable for all soil and plant types (trees, vegetables, lawn, shrubs, bushes, and other landscaping).

Formulated to boost soil and plant health, nutrient bioavailability, plant vigor.

It protects plants against abiotic stressors such as drought and frost.

Increases soil organic matter and decreases chemical fertilizer use, hence improving biodiversity and the ecosystem.

How to Apply the Product?
Shake well before using.
For best result, apply to moist soil in the late afternoon hours.
250 ml (8.45 oz) of RezFree covers-1000m2/10.000sqft
Basic recommended usage : For each 1 gallon (4 liters) of water add 2 caps (0.33 oz/ 10 ml) of RezFree then irrigate as usual.
Apply every 1-2 weeks to both soil and foliage of plants, OR use a hose spray attachment and irrigate your lawn, plants, and trees as usual (250 ml lasts app. 8-10 minutes).
Do not mix RezFree with other chemicals.
Product of Texas Biotechnology Inc.

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