Mt. Olive Relish Sweet Squeeze, 10 Fl Oz
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Mt. Olive Relish Sweet Squeeze, 10 Fl Oz

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Mt. Olive’s classic Sweet Relish provides an amazingly sweet yet tangy flavor. Mt. Olive Squeeze Sweet Relish is perfect for adding zest to your favorite recipe or for using as a crunchy, bold topping. Enjoy the classic crispiness of sweet pickles on your meals with the convenience and portability with a bottle of traditional Mt. Olive Sweet Relish. Mt. Olive Pickle Co. has been producing your favorite pickles for nearly 100 years, and Mt. Olive is proud to be the #1 best-selling brand of pickles, peppers and relishes in the United States. Our crunchy, flavorful pickle goodness comes from the corner of Cucumber & Vine in our hometown in North Carolina.

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