Pineapple Chunks 100% Juice 15.25 O
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Pineapple Chunks 100% Juice 15.25 O

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  • One 20 oz can of DEL MONTE Pineapple Chunks in 100% Juice
  • A quick and easy way to have a ready to eat fruit snack in just minutes
  • Canned fruit made with simple ingredients – pineapple, real pineapple juice and citric acid
  • Non-GMO* sliced pineapple in juice makes a great fruit snack for busy nights
  • Cut pineapple is ideal for wholesome baked ham, tantalizing pineapple upside down cake and delicious fruit cocktail
  • Pineapple chunks packed in a Non-BPA** can for easy storage as a quick lunch snack
  • Bring wholesome goodness to your family with DEL MONTE Pineapple

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