Mt. Olive Pickles Hamburger Dill Chips 32 Fl oz
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Mt. Olive Pickles Hamburger Dill Chips 32 Fl oz

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These crunchy, refreshing Hamburger Dill Chips feature Mt. Olive’s traditional dill pickle flavor sliced to perfection for a classic tangy addition to your favorite burger! Packed with the savory flavor you crave, these Hamburger Dill Chips are perfect for cookouts and gatherings. For big dill taste that fits perfectly on your burger, grab a jar of Hamburger Dill Chips, and enjoy your favorite signature Mt. Olive flavor! Mt. Olive Pickle Co. has been making your favorite high-quality pickle products for nearly a century. Mt. Olive is proud to be the #1 best-selling brand of pickles, peppers and relishes in the United States. Our flavorful pickle goodness comes from the corner of Cucumber & Vine in our hometown in North Carolina. Upgrade your next burger with Hamburger Dill Chips for endless flavor!

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