Pepsi Cola Zero Sugar – 10 Pack 7.5 oz
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Pepsi Cola Zero Sugar – 10 Pack 7.5 oz

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Pepsi Zero Sugar has arrived, and it’s exactly what it says it is: a bold and refreshing zero-calorie cola with maximum taste! Pepsi is the official soft drink of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and cola lovers everywhere. Pepsi was born in New Bern, NC in 1898 and is still bottled in the USA today. Perfect for parties, meals, and anywhere you need to make a big impression.
  • Includes 10 (7.5 oz) Mini Cans of Pepsi Zero Sugar Soda Pop
  • Zero Calories. Zero Carbs. Zero Sugar.
  • Maximum Pepsi taste in every sip
  • Bold, robust Pepsi Cola flavor without the calories
  • Try serving over ice with a twist of fresh lemon or lime

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