Navitas Super Immunity Blend 4.2Oz
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Navitas Super Immunity Blend 4.2Oz

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Navitas Organics Superfood and Immunity Blend is nature’s boost. Made for you to have stronger immunity, increase your vitamin C intake, and have much more natural energy to go about your day. Made with three luscious superfoods, the health wonders- camu, orange, and acerola.

  • Camu is worshipped by many as it has a higher vitamin C content per gram than any other plant! Native to the Amazon.
  • The cherished orange brings a citrusy, sweet, thirst-quenching flavor, and is also rich in vitamin C with immune-boosting properties. We all love the orange.
  • The deep red superfruit acerola is a stimulating antioxidant, similar to the cherry, it has been used as a magical medicine throughout time. Native to tropical regions of the western hemisphere.

Add a teaspoon into your smoothie, blend, and go. It has never been easier and quicker to become the healthiest version of yourself you can be. It will taste delicious in all your smoothies. Try it with mango and coconut. The taste is super refreshing with slightly tart and citrusy flavors. It is said that Navitas Organics Superfood and Immunity Blend is energizing enough to replace your coffee in the morning. It is the health kick you are looking for, with one serving containing 550% of your daily vitamin C. Navitas Organics Superfood and Immunity Blend is really utilizing nature’s abundance.

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