Morton & Bassett Juniper Berries, 1.3 Oz
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Morton & Bassett Juniper Berries, 1.3 Oz

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Season poultry dishes, marinades and brines with Morton & Bassett Dried Juniper Berries. Its sweet, spicy flavor helps elevate stuffing recipes and cabbage dishes. This salt-free seasoning is kosher. Morton & Bassett spices is free of MSG and preservatives.

Morton & Bassett Spices Juniper Berries:

  • Impart a spicy, sweet note with the suggestion of pine
  • Use in poultry and game marinades or brines
  • Goes well with stuffing and cabbage dishes
  • All natural
  • Salt-free
  • Kosher
  • 1.3 oz of juniper berries for cooking

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