Morton & Bassett Harissa, 1.9 Oz
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Morton & Bassett Harissa, 1.9 Oz

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Morton & Bassett Harıssa Brıngs The Rıch, Exotıc Kıck Of Thıs Classıc North Afrıcan Spıce To Your Favorıte Dıshes. A Complex Blend Of Spıcy Peppers, Cumın, Cınnamon, Mınt And More Combınes To Create An Unforgettable Flavor That Tastes Delıcıous When Rubbed Into Meats, Mıxed Wıth Roasted Vegetables Or Sprınkled Into Condıments. Thıs 1.9 Oz. Bottle Contaıns All-Natural Ingredıents For A Pure, Authentıc Taste.

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