Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Vegan Mayo, 12 Oz
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Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Vegan Mayo, 12 Oz

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  • COLD WEATHER WARNING: Our Mayos and Dressings are at risk of natural separation if exposed to freezing temperatures during transit. While safe to eat, it may not look or taste as intended. You may wish to delay ordering until temperatures are warmer.
  • THE PLANT-BASED MAYO of your dreams: Made with real ingredients but the same great taste as traditional mayo.
  • CHOSEN FOODS VEGAN MAYO is made with avocado oil and aquafaba, a fancy word for the naturally viscous water leftover from soaking garbanzo beans.
  • HEART-HEALTHY FATS: Our vegan oil mayo contains omega-9 fatty acids, the same monounsaturated fats found in olive oil.
  • EGG FREE, SOY FREE, CANOLA OIL FREE and of course non-GMO (like all of our products).
  • OUR HASS AVOCADOS are harvested by farmers in our co-op groves and sorted for quality.

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