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holly hill health foods Life Ginger 90Ct

Ginger Root has a diversity of uses. It is well known for alleviating nausea. It may be taken before a nauseating event or on an ongoing basis if nauseous all the time. Several studies in humans have shown positive results for ginger’s effectiveness. Ginger Root may also be a useful digestive aid that will increase digestive enzymes and speed up the transit time of food that is slow. Ginger Root may also have the ability to reduce pain and inflammation in arthritic joints. For pain and inflammation, ginger may be used as an alternative to NSAIDs like ibuprofen without the damaging gastrointestinal side effects that NSAIDs may produce. Ginger may have anti-ulcer effects and may help protect the intestinal mucosa from damage. Ginger Root may increase circulation and be helpful for Raynaud’s Syndrome (chronic cold hands and feet).

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