Jet Puffed Mini Marshmallows, 10 Oz
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Jet Puffed Mini Marshmallows, 10 Oz

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Jet-Puffed Mini Marshmallows are a delicious and versatile holiday dessert topping. Our bite-sized mini marshmallows deliver the sweet taste and fluffy texture you know and love. With zero grams of fat per serving, mini marshmallows make a fun snack for kids or a mouthwatering addition to your favorite holiday dessert recipes. Try using our marshmallows for hot chocolate or as a sweet potato casserole topping. Cozy up with our mini marshmallows for hot chocolate this holiday season. Perfect for holiday baking, they’re also great for recipes such as rice cereal treats, frostings, and snack mixes. Mini marshmallows come packaged in a sealed 10-ounce bag.

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