Hefty Everyday Soak Proof 12 oz White Foam, Bowls
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Hefty Everyday Soak Proof 12 oz White Foam, Bowls

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These Hefty® Supreme Heavyweight 12 oz. Foam Bowls make serving regular meals simpler. They can be used to hold anything from chili to potato chips. Additionally disposable, these Hefty bowls make cleanup simple.
These Hefty Supreme Foam Bowls have a sturdy construction and are meant to be cut- and soak-proof to avoid spills and stains on tabletops. They can tolerate a substantial portion of lasagna, baked beans, and other foods.
Foam bowls and plates have a smaller environmental impact than coated paper dinnerware. By weight, less energy and material are required in production. Additionally, hefty foam bowls emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions than coated paper when they decompose in commercial landfills.

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