Great Grains Cereal Raisins Dates &

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  • Naturally nutritious raisins and dates, wholesome pecans, crispy multi-grain flakes and crunchy multi-grain clusters for a taste inspired by raisin bread.
  • The Post Great Grains Cereal consists of whole-food ingredients, like whole grain flakes from the actual wheat berry and steamed, rolled and baked whole wheat rather than ground wheat.
  • Keeping the whole grain whole helps boost nutrition.
  • The cereal also contains real fruit and nuts.
  • The Post Selects cereal is a good source of fiber and is high in folic acid.
  • The raisins, dates and pecan cereal, 16 oz, also contains 12 vitamins and minerals and is a good source of six B vitamins.
  • It contains no saturated fat or trans fat and is cholesterol free.

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