Dr. Squatch Pine Tar, Natural Soap For Men
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Dr. Squatch Pine Tar, Natural Soap For Men

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  • Pine Tar soap from Dr. Squatch is rugged, woodsy, and strong, just like a Squatch man should be. Made with real pine extract, this all-star bar is as tough as a freshly cut bat. A true MVP of the shower, this heavy-hitter knocks out grime with its gritty composition and ultra-manly, woodsy scent. Toss in the exfoliating oatmeal and the super-soothing shea butter, and you’ve got a bullpen of natural ingredients that will strike out any stink. This cold-processed soap is heavy grit, so remember to monitor your skin.
    • Best smelling shower of your life, guaranteed
    • Cold process natural soap features a selection of manly scents
    • Finest natural ingredients will have you looking, smelling and feeling fantastic
    • No harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates or silicones

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