Defunkify Detergent Liquid Lavender
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Defunkify Detergent Liquid Lavender

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  •  Odor-Crushing Power – Laundry gets funky. Our odor-crushing formula cleans deep between the fibers to remove all the stink, stains too.
  •  Breathe In Joy – Forget fake fragrance. Our Lavender, Lemongrass, and yes, even our Fresh Air scent are all made from pure essential oils. And for those who love unscented detergent, our Free & Clear smells like invisible roses.
  •  A Party For All – ‘He’ and traditional, cold or hot, it’s all gravy, baby. This detergent is super low sudsing for He machines and formulated for cold water performance. So go ahead, spill that gravy, and let us wash the funk out!
  •  Big Green Impact – Strong like an evergreen. Nature is extremely powerful when you know how to harness its potential. We know how. Our detergent removes more odor than the orange bottle. AND it’s 87% bio-based.
  •  Always ProvenSafe – Toxicity matters. That’s why we start with ingredients approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program and finish with testing to ensure industry leading safety. It’s all part of our ProvenSafe process.

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