Curad Gauze, Rolled, Pro-Sorb, 1 roll
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Curad Gauze, Rolled, Pro-Sorb, 1 roll

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This Curad Rolled Gauze is ideal for cuts, burns and abrasions. It is also good for securing dressings. It is made with ProSorb for rapid absorbency of fluids, so the affected area will stay dry and clean for faster healing. This also protects the wound from outside germs and prevents infection. This first-aid gauze is made of a soft blend of polyester and rayon, making it comfortable to apply. It is designed not to be flexible and nonrestrictive, so you can leave it on with full mobility. It is good for areas that are hard to bandage.

For Securing & Absorption

  • 1 Sterile Roll, 2 in x 2.5 yds (50 mm x 2.2 m)
  • Stretches for Comfort
  • Ideal for Hard to Wrap Areas
  • Unique elastic fibers stretch and secure wound dressings
  • Rayon/Polyester blend is more absorbent than traditional rolled gauze
  • Soft and cushioned for added protection
  • DescriptionApply gentle pressure to stop bleeding.  Clean the affected area with mild soap and water and apply medication if required.  Cover area with dressing and secure in place with Curad Pro-Sorb Rolled Gauze to absorb fluids and protect the site.* Made in China




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