Pace Hot Chunky Salsa, 16 Oz
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Pace Hot Chunky Salsa, 16 Oz

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Pace Thick & Chunky Hot Salsa combines ripe tomatoes, chunks of savory onions, and hand-picked jalapeños for a bold and delicious Southwest flavor with a spicy kick. Carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, it also contains no MSG or added sugars. Use our thick & chunky salsa as a delicious vegetarian dip by pairing with gluten-free tortilla chips for a quick and easy gluten-free snack. Or for mealtime, keep Pace hot salsa on hand as a pantry staple and use it with your favorite recipes such as enchiladas, tacos, or quesadillas, or spice up eggs or chicken for an added kick of flavor. Pace has had a passion for salsa for over 73 years. Our salsas and sauces are made in carefully crafted batches using ripe tomatoes, savory onions, and hand-picked jalapeños. From chunky salsa to restaurant style salsa in mild, medium, and hot, Pace salsa has a just the right kick to add to any meal or snack. Or, try Pace picante sauce or queso for your next taco night. To kick it up, pick up the Pace!

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