Chosen Foods Simply Cinnamon Avocado Oil Spray, 4.7 Oz

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  • Chosen Foods Simply Cinnamon Avocado Oil Spray infuses real cinnamon with pure avocado oil. It’s always made from avocados ripened to perfection in warm, sun-drenched groves.
  • Warm, spiced and classic flavors of our cinnamon cooking oil are perfect to use on morning toast, oatmeal, muffins, or grilled peaches.
  • Use to prepare a baking sheet or spray directly on baked goods. Safely use up to 500°F!
  • Coastal crafted flavor made with purpose: We believe in sea, sunshine and simplicity! Try all of our avocado oil-based products inspired by the flavors and lifestyle of the Baja Med.
  • Healthy, gluten-free, soy and canola free, plant-based, and certified by the Non-GMO Project.

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