Carapelli Oro Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 25.5 Fl Oz

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Carapelli Oro Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a well-balanced blend of Mediterranean olive oils made from first cold pressing of the entire olive. Perfected by tradition this olive oil captures our classical heritage. Carapelli Oro Verde is what the everyday EVOO should be, its mild intensity makes it a great accompaniment to any meal. The characteristic flavor of this extra virgin olive oil features aromas of leaves harmoniously balanced with a taste of almonds, artichokes and fresh vegetables. This oil is agreat addition to any pantry.EVOO is best consumed fresh and will decay in quality once opened. While Carapelli bottles are designed to protect against UV-light, prolong your oil’s shelf life by storing the bottle away from light and heat such as a stove. Do not refrigerate.

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