Biogrowth Vivid, Organic Plant Vitamin Boosted with a Robust Enzyme Blend, 8oz, – Premium Fertilizer for Luxuriant Growth
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Biogrowth Vivid, Organic Plant Vitamin Boosted with a Robust Enzyme Blend, 8oz, – Premium Fertilizer for Luxuriant Growth

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Suitable for Lawns, Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants, Covering up to 5,000 Sq Ft – Apply in 10 Minutes or Less! Embrace Green Bliss!

Biogrowth Vivid is your gateway to nurturing thriving ornamental plants and a lush, vibrant lawn. Developed with care by Texas Biotechnology Inc., this advanced plant vitamin is meticulously crafted to enhance the well-being of your cherished greenery.

    Scientifically Enriched Organic Formula: 

At the heart of Biogrowth Vivid lies a scientific marvel – a robust enzyme blend. These enzymes, the unsung heroes of plant biology, play a critical role in fostering plant health. Scientifically proven, enzymes facilitate nutrient absorption, break down complex compounds, and stimulate vital processes within your plants. With Biogrowth Vivid, you’re providing your ornamentals and lawn with the highest quality, scientifically enriched organic goodness.

   Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: 

Enzymes, those remarkable biological catalysts, are essential for your plants’ well-being. They enhance nutrient uptake by breaking down complex nutrients into forms that are readily absorbed. This ensures your ornamentals and lawn receive the nourishment they need for robust growth, vibrant color, and overall vitality.

   Key Benefits Supported by Science: 

–   Maximized Nutrient Absorption:   Scientific studies show that efficient nutrient absorption is vital for plant health.

–   Improved Root Development:   Enzymes stimulate root growth, leading to healthier plants with stronger, more extensive root systems.

–   Lush Lawn and Vibrant Ornamentals:   Expect to see lush, green lawns and ornamentals bursting with color and vitality.

–   Pure Organic Composition:   Biogrowth Vivid is free from synthetic additives and harmful chemicals, embodying the essence of organic care.

    Easy Application, Remarkable Results: 

Caring for your ornamentals and lawn is effortless with Biogrowth Vivid. Simply incorporate it into your regular watering routine and watch as your plants and lawn respond with improved vigor, vibrant blooms, and luscious greenery.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed: 

We believe in the power of Biogrowth Vivid, backed by science and the trust of plant enthusiasts worldwide. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Your satisfaction and the well-being of your ornamentals and lawn are our utmost priorities.

    Elevate Your Gardening Experience: 

Biogrowth Vivid by Texas Biotechnology Inc. is your invitation to a world of thriving, happy plants and a vibrant lawn. Experience the transformation that scientific enrichment can bring to your garden.

Click “Add to Cart” now and elevate your ornamentals and lawn to a new level of health and beauty with Biogrowth Vivid. Nurture your plants with the power of science and nature.


  Plants and Flowers:   

– For each gallon of water, simply add 2 caps of Vivid, then proceed with your regular irrigation routine. For the best results apply Vivid weekly.

  Lawn (Hose End Sprayer):   

– Pour 8 oz of Vivid into your hose end sprayer, and apply it to your lawn once a month. It typically takes just 10-15 minutes to complete the entire application process.

  Lawn (Backpack Sprayer):   

– Mix 2 caps of Vivid with each gallon of water, and then spray this mixture evenly across your lawn.

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6 reviews for Biogrowth Vivid, Organic Plant Vitamin Boosted with a Robust Enzyme Blend, 8oz, – Premium Fertilizer for Luxuriant Growth

  1. Isabella

    Good quality organic fertilizer at a great price.. Low application rates. Over all a fantastic product.

  2. Will.

    We buy these every year because the really work!

  3. Amelia

    My plants love these! Within 24hr there was a noticeable change in how green and vibrant my herbs looked. I’ve been using 1 per month on each plant and it’s working great.

  4. Michael

    I use it on my plants as directed by the description, and the result is immediately wonderful.

  5. Robert

    I bought it to save my wife’s favorite plants, it really works! Thanks Wadaaa!

  6. Chloe

    This has helped my garden come to life and added important biological microbes that got to work breaking down organic matter into further nutrients!

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