Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Lemon, Super
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Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Lemon, Super

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Perfect for a summer dessert, birthday celebration and more, Betty Crocker Super Moist Lemon Cake Mix is the easy baking solution to all your sweet treat needs. This lemon cake mix is ready to bake in minutes! Top with delicious frosting for a classic take, or try something new with one of Betty Crocker’s many dessert recipes. Plus, it can also be used as cupcake mix! Bring your family together with the perfect balance of sweet flavor and convenience.For more than a century, Betty Crocker has been a popular creator of easy, delicious recipes. Today, the Betty Crocker kitchen is still providing convenient, tasty dessert mixes, frostings, and convenient meal options and side dishes. And today, you can still find those same products you grew up with on grocery shelves.
  • CAKE MIX: Bake a delicious, moist lemon cake dessert
  • QUICK AND EASY: Make a cake by just adding a few simple ingredients as directed and popping in the oven
  • ENDLESS OPTIONS: Add your own twist to these mixes by using as cupcake mix or trying tested and trusted Betty Crocker recipes
  • DELICIOUS & SPONGY: Enjoy the sweetness of this versatile cake mix and make it your own
  • SPECIAL OCCASION TREATS: Bake lemon cake mix for sweet celebrations and everyday moments

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