Fiji: Natural Artesian Water 1.5 Liter, 50.72 Oz
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Fiji: Natural Artesian Water 1.5 Liter, 50.72 Oz

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On A Remote Pacific Island, 1,600 Miles From The Nearest Continent, Equatorial Trade Winds Purify The Clouds That Begin Fiji Water&Rsquo;S Journey Through One Of The World&Rsquo;S Last Virgin Ecosystems. As Tropical Rain Falls On A Pristine Rain Forest, It Filters Through Layers Of Volcanic Rock, Slowly Gathering The Natural Minerals And Electrolytes That Give Fiji Water Its Soft, Smooth Taste.The Water Collects In A Natural Artesian Aquifer, Deep Below The Earth&Rsquo;S Surface, Shielded From External Elements By Confining Layers Of Rock. Natural Pressure Forces The Water Towards The Surface, Where It&Rsquo;S Bottled At The Source, Untouched By Man Until You Unscrew The Cap. The Nature Of Water. Earth&Rsquo;S Finest Water.

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10 reviews for Fiji: Natural Artesian Water 1.5 Liter, 50.72 Oz

  1. Hailey

    I love drinking this water.

  2. Richard

    I always keep this product in stock.

  3. Saydee

    I feel fresher when I drink this product.

  4. Jackson

    I really like this water after gym

  5. Albert

    The pH level of this water is very good

  6. Jane

    I love the quality of this water

  7. Riley

    I recommend this product to everyone

  8. Crsytal

    I love ıt!!

  9. Bob

    This product makes me feel fresh

  10. Brook

    this product is very good!!

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