Helping Hand Water-Resistant Aluminum Flashlight
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Helping Hand Water-Resistant Aluminum Flashlight

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Designed for convenience without sacrificing power, this aluminum flashlight is a must-have for any emergency kit, toolbox and vehicle repair kit. With a water-resistant and rust-resistant design, it offers the long-term durability you need, ensuring your flashlight will be ready to go when an emergency occurs. The sturdy aluminum construction is rugged enough to withstand regular wear-and-tear, making it a great option for those who use a flashlight on a daily basis. For added convenience, the flashlight comes with a handy storage pouch and 2 AA batteries. Whether you are going on a camping trip or simply need a portable flashlight in your emergency kit, this reliable water-resistant flashlight has you covered.


  • Water-resistant design is ideal for outdoor conditions

  • Rust-resistant aluminum construction for lasting durability

  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (included)

  • Includes a handy nylon pouch for convenient storage

  • Compact design for easy portability

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