Vitacup Focus Ground Mushroom Coffee

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  • FIERCE & FOCUSED: Nourish your mind and kickstart your concentration with this uplifting coffee made of mushrooms that will leave you feeling energized and powerfully productive.
  • MUSHROOM POWER: Lion’s Mane & Chaga work together with gourmet mushroom coffee to boost creative focus and immune support. The nootropic benefits have been shown to increase memory, focus, & concentration. “
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TASTE: Sip the deliciously smooth, full-bodied medium roast ground coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. Focus Coffee is roasted, ground, and sealed in the USA.
  • DAILY DOSE OF VITAMINS: Each cup of infused coffee contains a keto and paleo friendly blend of nutrients, allowing you to simplify your morning routine with one less step. Focus Coffee contains B1, B5, B6, B9, B12 & D3.
  • EASY TO BREW: Each bag contains gourmet vegan coffee grounds. Compatible with all drip coffee brewers, French press, electric coffee pots, reusable K-cups, cold brew & iced coffee makers.

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