Thousand island Dressing 8 Fl Oz
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Thousand island Dressing 8 Fl Oz

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Kraft Thousand Island Dressing uses delicious ingredients for a rich, creamy topping perfect for salads, sandwiches, burgers and more. Our thousand island dressing contains no synthetic colors and no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors for a great dressing option. Made with chopped pickles, dried onions, paprika extract and mustard flour, this thousand island dressing has a creamy, tangy flavor that perfectly complements coleslaw or burgers. Top an entree salad with this Thousand Island dressing or bite into a mouthwatering Reuben with our flavorful sandwich dressing on top. Each 8 fluid ounce bottle of dressing has 8 servings, so you can make meals for the entire family or prepare many individual servings.

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