Smartwatch Unisex

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Smartwatch Unisex $49.99 $19.99
* Comfortable to wear with sleek design and silicone strap.
* Compatible with nearly all smart phones.
* Waterproof for general daily use, but should not be used swimming or in shower.
* Easy to use.
* Charged by removing the strap with USB. Please take care when removing it. It should not be forced, just eased off.
* Multi Functions:
1.Reminder-SMS,QQ,Wechat, information, call reminders
2.Monitor- Heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor, Sleep monitor, check sleep trend chart to view your sleep time and quality.
3.Sync-Smart phone with APP synchronization, and the data synchronization does not require cable. After finish synchronization,When the smartphone is disconnected with watch or the watch is out of the APP connection, the watch will still alert you.
4. Remote Camera-It can take photos by phone through shaking the wristband.
5. Activity Tracker-Recording your daily activity: steps, distance, time, calories; check and share your data anytime.
6. Intelligent Alarm Clock Setting-Five alarm clocks can be set in the connection state.and synchronize to the bracelet after setting;Offline alarm clock is supported.
7. Anti-lost-The wristband will remind you with vibration when your phone is 5m away from you.
8. Sedentary reminder: you can set it to remind you to walk or exercise after a long time sit.
9. Display setting-You can set the screen of the bandring function button switch,the open page will switch after pressing the function button,and the function that is turned off will not appear in the switch.
* Materials:PC
* Spore band materials:TPU
* Display Screen materials:OLED
* Color:Black/Purple/Red/Blue/Green
* Dimension:4.3*2*1cm(Band length not included)
* Bluetooth Version:4.0
* Support System:IOS 9.0 + and Android 5.0 +
* Fits:fits a wrist between 6.1-8.6inch in circumference
* Battery:65mA Polymer Lithium-ion
* Motor:Support
* Sensor:Low power accelerometer
* Charging Time:1 hour
* Waterproof: IP67(Not swimming or shower)
* Operating Temperature:-10 to 50℃
* Synchronization Range:3m (theoretical range is 10m without any interference)
Package includes:
1 x Smart Tracker Watch
1 x User Manual


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